Kathryn Kuhlman - God’s presence.

Kathryn has been one of my favourite people who lived in the past 100 years. She had an amazing ministry, and was instrumental in many other ministries still running today. You will find that many of people who function and has a heart for the healing ministry refers back to her often.

She was born in 1907 and died in 1976 in America. She was born again at the age of 14. Her first “miracle service” was held on the 4th of July 1948 in the Carnegie Hall, North side Pittsburg.

These words she said is so true about the healing ministry:

“I believe in miracles with every atom of my being… because I believe in God - but Kathryn Kuhlman has nothing to do with the healing of sick bodies. I have no healing power. It’s the power of God that does the healing. The only part I have in it is making Jesus real to the hearts of men and women. Any results there might be in this life of mine, is not Kathryn Kuhlman. It’s the Holy Spirit; IT’S WHAT THE HOLY SPIRIT DOES THROUGH A YIELDED VESSEL.”

They still run a website http://kathrynkuhlman.com/index.html

These are some clips I found where she speaks on God’s presence, and other topics.

Part 1

Part 2

Bill Johnson on the simplicity of Kathryn Kuhlman

Kathryn speaking about the Holy Spirit