As in heaven overview

This world is but a shadow of what is to come. We pray as in Heaven, but do we understand? Do we long for our Fathers presence?

What do we hunger after? To be more gifted? To be more loved? Or do we search out God’s heart, do we die to self and seek to fulfil the Fathers mission?

As In Heaven

As it is in Heaven is my dream,

I hunger for it.

As I call Your name

and hunger for Your love

Hunger for your presence

I jump and dance

I scream and shout

my King is alive

my Father reigns

He is almighty

All Powerful

unable to learn

unable to make mistakes

My Father is love

Joy is in His house, forever and ever

Around His throne is abundant joy

if fact

When He describes His kingdom

He says:



and JOY!

gird yourself

God reigns

with power and might

Rest is to be found in Him

He is the absolute of knowledge

He is the absolute of power

He is LOVE

I sing Father

I rejoice in Your holiness

I bathe in Your mercy

You are my rock

You are the only foundation

I praise You

I worship You

Father God Almighty