Testimony - healing during hospital visit

Healing 9/01/2014

On Thursday night we went on a hospital visit the 9th of January 2014. Our first for the year 2014

Hospital visits are never the same, you really don’t know what to expect. This Thursday we were in for a treat. In the first ward we went to one of the guys who looked really bad and you could see he was in serious pain. He was in one of the middle of the row beds, and I usually start in the corner in the back, and move along praying for everyone who is awake. Of course sometimes there are people who don’t want prayer, why I would not know.

The first guy we prayed for was so full of pain killers that he was in a dazed place, only wanting us to pray for general happiness. And we did that. The second guy we prayed for had just had an operation in the stomach area so of course it did not matter how many pain killers he got, he would be in serious pain, and would not be able to move. As we prayed for him you could see how his face was starting to relax, and he started shifting around. The pain subsided slowly, as we prayed over and over for the pain to go. After a few minutes there was almost 100% release of the pain and he started moving around with a big smile on his face. It must be noted that this person has never even heard of Jesus before and God and God still touched him. He had a personal encounter with Jesus this night. Not just talk about Him, but seeing Him touch him.Then we moved to the guy named Roel who was the one looking seriously in pain. He knew God and from the outset was trusting the Lord for healing. He was stabbed in one kidney a few days previously, had a massive operation in the stomach area with a cut from his chest down to the bottom of his stomach. I personally like to pray for release of pain firstly as it is the quickest way for faith to be built, hope to arise and the person to relax. Roel was in so much pain that he did really move his head around as he was talking to us, as well as he mostly whispered while holding his upper stomach chest area. Explaining to him that it is God’s heart to heal, and has nothing to do with us-we are simply obeying God. They must understand that it is not about us, but God, so that when we leave they can ask God directly for help not look at a person. As we prayed over and over, the pain went from extreme to less and less within a few minutes. After the first time already, the pain just disappeared in his middle chest area(sternum). This brought him to a smile and suddenly he started giving full on eye contact and now moved his head around. This of course excited us greatly and Riaan (my friend who went with me) prayed for him now. I stood back a bit to clearly see what God was doing. At one point Riaan’s hand got so hot that he took it away to examine it himself. Of course Roel mentioned that it was extremely hot in that area. This is many times the indication that God is working in a person’s body. Riaan went for it again. This time the Holy Spirit touched him so quickly that it surprised me as Roel basically passed out on the bed, and started swetting. It was like as the Holy Spirit moved over him, he started sleeping and completely relaxing. As Riaan stopped praying, he said “amen” a few times and Roel opened his eyes (barely) the pain was all gone. Roel previously not being able to move, shifted so that he would be in a better position and moved his legs. He pulled the covers to under his neck and slept. God touched him in a big way.

We went on to other wards and saw God performing a few other miracles. As we left to go home, we had to pass Roel’s ward. Roel was not in his bed anymore but walking around. A person who not long ago could not even move, and in severe pain, was then walking around. Thank you Father for you heart to touch us.