God is so good - poem

I am so grateful for the road God has taken us on. It is so strange how much more of God you can understand when you have children. I have come to realize that God is so good, He is so loving, He is so caring. So much more than what we could ever imagine. His love towards us is completely unconditional. Isn’t that just amazing and wonderful. We have a righteous robe over us, and we stand completely clean before Him, in fact we are seated with Jesus.

This is just a short blog for me to write about God, His greatness, His understanding, His heart towards me and us. As our family grows, I am now more than ever trusting in Him. Knowing that Jesus paid the full price, and released me from condemnation is so freeing. That coupled with having children and knowing how I feel about both my little girl Taia Lee and my boy Judah Daniel is nothing compared to what our Father feels for us. His love is outside of measurement, His grace is complete.

It is so wonderful to know that God has no grandchildren, only children. I am His child, my dad is His child, my wife is His child, my grandmother was(while she was still alive) His child. That makes it so much more special.

I don’t say thank You often enough Lord.

Your love o Lord

is pure,

Your favour Father

is better than gold

You have set my path

You have guided my steps

You hold my hand,

You keep my family safe

How I feel so secure,

knowing that you Jesus paid it all

I stand here today

completely restored

as a son of God

I have a place now I call home

I have no more a wondering heart

I look towards perfection

away from these earthly imperfections

I behold Your beauty

and fall into Your mercy

thank You, is something I cannot say enough

thank You, thank You, thank You Father

love Your son