I have been a fan of Logos for many years. 2 years ago I took the plunge to buy a small version of Logos 5. I’ve gradually upgraded my Logos. Recently I moved to version 6. It has been a pleasant transition. I will publish a few blogs on how to use Logos 6 for basic Bible study.

Logos however is not that easy to get into it. I want to show you a quick way to get information from your Logos database. Today we are discussing how to get an overview of a verse, chapter or book in the Bible by using your Logos 6 commentaries.

First open the Bible of your choice. Follow these steps:
A. Click on the Library icon.
B. Type in the name of your Bible. If it is not coming up make sure that you have it in your Library. I use the New King James version, so I type in “nkjv” for short
C. Click on the Bible.


This will open the selected Bible in a window usually half a window size.

Find the verse or chapter or book you want to study up on. I decided on Psalm 1 verse 1 - 4. Type Ps 1 or Psalm 1 (view below)l-11.Mark it using your mouse by left clicking and dragging.

[l-2][2]2.Right click on the marked passage. An option window will open.

3.Click on Passage Guide
The Passage Guide window will open. Give it a few seconds to open. There is a wealth of information that you can get from this window. It is very useful.

[l-3][3]4.Use it to get to the Commentaries of your choice or what is in your library.
(In another session I will show you how to give some Commentaries preference so they will pop up higher)

Click on any Commentary and read it.


A good tip is to have an overview Commentary open which I read first. I read through the Commentaries systematically. Sometimes I read one Commentary and have the information or clarification, I need, other times I read many Commentaries.

[l-5][5]I want to encourage you to follow this method for a few days and even weeks that you get familiar with the Logos software.